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newAd hoc Exemption No.04/2021 valid till 30.06.2021 (Exemption from IGST on imports of certain COVID-19 relief material authorized by State Governments subject to certain conditions)Click Here          // Nomination of Nodal Officers for expeditious clearance of COVID related consignments in Visakhapatnam ZoneVisakhapatnam Zone Vizag Customs CPC Vijayawada          // Press Note- Revenue Collections for the Financial Year: 2020-21 Click Here          // COVID 19- Aarogya Setu guidelines to be followed by Central government officers and staff Click Here          // Shri. Naresh Penumaka, IRS has assumed charge of Chief Commissioner of Central GST and Customs, Visakhapatnam Zone. Click Here         

About GST

The introduction of Goods and Services Tax (GST) would be a very significant step in the field of indirect tax reforms in India. By amalgamating a large number of Central and State taxes into a single tax, it would mitigate cascading or double taxation in a major way and pave the way for a common national market. From the consumer point of view, the biggest advantage would be in terms of a reduction in the overall tax burden on goods, which is currently estimated to be around 25%-30%. Introduction of GST would also make Indian products competitive in the domestic and international markets. Studies show that this would have a boosting impact on economic growth. Last but not the least, this tax, because of its transparent and self-policing character, would be easier to administer.
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